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Why exhibit with us

The OCSC EXPO stands as the preeminent international educational gathering within Thailand, attracting a vast audience of over 15,000 attendees. Among these participants are students, scholars, educators, parents, and researchers, collectively converging to explore the diverse realms of academic pursuit.


Distinguished as the singular occasion of its kind, the OCSC EXPO serves as a nexus for over 350 Royal Thai scholars, governmental entities seeking to bolster their personnel through short-course offerings, and students endeavoring to identify reputable institutions abroad for their academic endeavors.


Mainly, participants demonstrate a strong inclination towards furthering their academic endeavors at the master's level, mirroring the prevailing aspirations within the event's atmosphere. The OCSC EXPO encompasses a broad range of academic interests, spanning from introductory language courses to advanced Ph.D. programmes, thereby addressing the varied aspirations of its diverse audience.


The chart illustrates visitor databased from OCSC EXPO 2023.

OCSC EXPO_Dreamer Mascot face
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