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International Fair

The annual International Fair at Shonan campus was conceived as an opportunity for Tokai University to boost its international credentials while at the same time helping our international students from all over the world form lasting bonds of friendship. This event gives students an opportunity to showcase their interests and achievements through exhibits, booths, and musical and other performances, with cultural presentations and activities from more than 20 different countries and/or regions.

Overseas Educational Cruise

Tokai University's Overseas Educational Cruise is a unique educational program, which allows students to visit overseas nations on a research and training ship, the Bosei Maru, owned by Tokai University. Its goal is to provide students with an opportunity to learn the importance of cultural differences, environmental issues and cooperation by experiencing firsthand, international communication through overseas cruising and living aboard a ship with their peers.

Scholarship Programs

- Undergraduate School -

  • Type 1: 100 % Tuition Waiver (11 students)

  • Type 2: 300,000 yen per year (84 students)

Work-Study Scholarship: 25,000 yen per month (around 250 students) etc.

- Graduate School -

  • Type 1: 600,000 yen per year (102 Doctor's course students)

  • Type 2: 360,000 yen per year (188 Master’s course students)

  • Type 3: 120,000 yen per year  (106 Master’s course students) etc.

- Government/Private Scholarships -

  1. Japanese government scholarship for privately financed international students (¥48,000/month)Recommendation from Tokai University is required.

  2. Private scholarships

      (Selectable from 40 or more types)



Basically, scholarships are provided after the enrollment.

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