IELTS TIPS (เทคนิคสอบไอเอล)

สำหรับน้องๆ ที่กลังเตรียมตัวสอบ IELTS อยู่ วันนี้มีเทคนิคดีๆ มาแบ่งปันน้องๆ ค่ะ สามารถกดไลค์กดแชร์ได้เลยน้า


1. Always write at least 150 words for Task 1 & 250 words for Task 2 2. Keep your grammar quite simple and accurate 3. Write 3 paragraphs for Task 1 & 4-5 paragraphs for Task 2 4. Use words that go together well 5. Try not to repeat the same words again and again 6. Always answer every part of the question and include all information 7. Practice every day!

IELTS LISTENING 1. This is the first test. Always start listening to English before you go to the exam in the morning so that the Listening Test is not the first time you listen to English that day. This way you will start already ‘warmed up’.

2. You do not have to understand everything during the Listening Test – always read the questions before each listening section and then listen only for the information you need.

3. At the end of each section, the listening CD will tell you that you have 30 seconds to check your answers. You can’t check your answers for the listening. Immediately carry on and start reviewing the next set of questions, gaining as much information as you can before listening.

4. Don’t panic – if you miss an answer, just move on to the next one. You only need 31 out of 40 to get a band 7!

IELTS READING 1. Don’t try to read all of the information in detail – the passages are too long. You should aim to skim read everything, read the questions for that passage and then scan the text for the answers.

2.If you get a true/false/not given question in one of the passages, you will be presented with a statement and then the question will ask you to indicate if this statement is True, False or Not Given. The best way to approach these questions is: a) Turn the statement into a question (Only soldiers were allowed to attend the training > Could only soldiers attend the training?) b) Read the parts of the text about soldiers and training and see if you can answer the question or not. c) If you can answer yes, then the answer is True. If you can answer no, then it is False. If you cannot answer the question, then it is Not Given.

3. Never spend more than 2-3 minutes trying to answer one question. If you can’t find the answer, move on, finish the 40 questions and then come back at the end.

IELTS SPEAKING 1. Talk a lot – especially in Part 2. Remember this is a Speaking Test and it is important to talk enough. 2. Don’t talk too fast. It is best to speak at a steady pace and think about using effective stress and intonation. 3. Don’t try to be too complicated. Always say things that you can talk about confidently with good grammar and vocabulary. 4. You can give your opinions about topics throughout the Speaking Test. No one will judge you on what you believe. 5. Be confident – this always helps you sound better at English.

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